Allergy Vaccination

These vaccines are tailor made for each patient depending on the result of the skin prick allergy test and a co-relation with the patient’s symptoms. PLEASE DO NOT START IMMUNOTHERAPY ON THE BASIS OF A BLOOD TEST REPORT. Blood test reports may not be very accurate and starting immunotherapy without a confirmation by SKIN PRICK TEST is not recommended for the patient’s safety.

There are two kinds of allergy vaccinations available.

Sublingual or oral vaccinations are painless, very safe, glycerine based drops containing gradually increasing concentrations of the offending allergen. They are a very effective way of treating allergies on a long term basis.They have to be given orally under the tongue for a loading phase of one year and then a maintenance dosage for two- five years.

Subcutaneous Immunotherapy or Allergy shots are the traditional form of Allergy Vaccination.

These are given by an insulin syringe and the first dose is always administered by the treating Allergist. The course is shorter, the loading dose finishes in six months and involves twice a week injections. We do not call patients to our centre for Allergy Vaccinations as it is a wasteful expenditure of patients’ time and resources, but advise patients to the neighbourhood nursing home with emergency facilities to take their twice weekly dosage. The maintenance therapy is once a month injection for next 2.5 years.